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General C#Builder Information

Last Updated: 08-Jul-2003

C#Builder Enterprise BoxshotC#Builder Professional Boxshot

General information snipped from various Borland sources.

Key: Std = Standard, Pro = Professional, Ent = Enterprise, Arc = Architect.


Pro and Ent started shipping on 24-Jun-2003. Std started shipping in July and a free version for non-commercial use is available. Arc started shipping 19-Sep-2003. Trial versions of Ent and Arc are available for download.


(as at 09-May-2003. Please check for current pricing)

New User Pricing

  • Std - US$69
  • Pro - US$999
  • Ent - US$1799
  • Arc - US$2499

Upgrade Pricing

  • Pro - US$499
  • Ent - US$999
  • Std and Arc upgrade pricing is unknown at this point in time.


C#Builder Std is the entry-level product.

C#Builder Pro Adds this to Std:

  • Borland data provider for ADO.NET with local switchable drivers for Interbase and MSDE2000.
  • Crystal Reports.
  • An integrated HTML editor.
  • Code vizualization, a live UML model diagram of the C# source code.
  • 3rd party .NET components from the Component One Enterprise Suite.
  • Demeanor, an obfuscator which helps to protect your code from reverse engineering.

C#Builder Ent Adds this to Pro:

  • Borland data provider for ADO.NET with enterprise switchable drivers for Interbase, Oracle 9i, IBM DB2, and MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Developer editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, and Borland Interbase.
  • LiveTeam for source code control system integration with systems including Borland StarTeam, MS Visual SourceSafe, Rational ClearCase, and CVS. It will auto-detect StarTeam.
  • CORBA and J2EE interoperability.

C#Builder Arc Adds this to Ent:

  • Creating and editing UML models including import/export functionality.
  • Borland Enterprise Code Objects (ECO), a model-powered runtime environment.
  • Optimizeit for performance analysis.

General Notes

  • It supports Web Forms.
  • Most (if not all) .NET components are be usable.
  • It uses Microsoft's C# compiler and .NET Framework 1.1.
  • It has dynamic CodeInsight, and ErrorInsight to see potential problems as you type.
  • Supports live data viewing at design-time.
  • Database access can use ADO.NET, SQLClient or Borland Data Providers. BDP will work with standard .NET datasets. The first release has support for Interbase, Oracle, DB2 and MSSQL Server. BDP is included with Ent and above.
  • The entire IDE is very configurable.
  • The next versions of C++Builder and Delphi will have the same IDE.
  • There are 100+ additional components for .NET with C#Builder.
  • C#Builder can open VS.NET projects and source files and export a project to VC#.NET.
  • As much as possible of the old IDE was reused.
  • The OpenTools API is likely to be compatible with the current C++Builder and Delphi OTA, and includes extensions and a managed code interface.
  • The IDE is written in a combination of C, C++, Delphi, Assembly, Javascript, C#, and HTML.
  • Flyout windows for the object inspector and other windows are present to save screen real-estate. These windows appear when the mouse is hovered over a named tab near the side of the screen.

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