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TechNet Webcast - Borland's ALM solution for .NET

On June 10, 2003 Michael Swindell, Director .NET Solutions at Borland, presented a webcast titled "Borlands Application Lifecycle Management solution for the MS.NET Framework" on TechNet. I have included here several screenshots from the presentation.

Update: View the webcast video transcript. Select View this Event (requires Interwise software to be installed).

Note: Many screen shots contain a small window in the lower left corner that is not part of the C#Builder IDE and screen shot colors are not reproduced accurately.


C#Builder will integrate with Together, CaliberRM, Optimizeit and StarTeam. The following diagram presents an overview of this integration.

C#Builder Integration

IDE General and CaliberRM Integration

Here we see the IDE with the code editor, project manager, and tool palette, and also CaliberRM integration on the left. During the presentation Michael also made use of several custom code snippets which can be seen in the lower-right.

CaliberRM Integration

Model View

In the centre you can see the Model View class diagram and to the right is the Model View window docked with the Project Manager showing a tree view containing a list of the classes. I am guessing that the class nodes can be expanded to show the methods as well.

Model View


Michael demonstrated launching Optimizeit from within the IDE to perform some memory profiling, tracking down some large memory usage to string concatenation and then modifying the code to use the more memory efficient StringBuilder class.

The project menu shows several interesting menu items which include adding J2EE and CORBA references to the project and an item to run Optimizeit.

Project Menu with Optimizeit integration

In the following screenshot the application is running and Optimizeit is profiling memory usage.

Optimizeit Running


The following screenshot shows the ASP.NET designer.

ASP.NET designer

And here is the application running in MS Internet Explorer.

Running ASP.NET application

Web Services

Michael demonstrated the use of web services within the application to perform currency conversions. The following screen shot shows the UDDI browser.

Web Services UDDI Browser

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